The HudsonTech game pack has been put together with 4 fun games to choose from.
If you have a big group then you can accommodate 16 people at the same time having fun.

The BEST Family Outdoor Games Pack

Kids Outdoor Adventure Pack


✔️ 4 Potato Sack Race Bags

✔️ 4 Egg Relay Game

✔️ 4 Horseshoes Game Set

✔️ 2 Grass Spikes for the Horseshoe Set

✔️ 2 3 Legged Race Bands

✔️ 1 Pull String Bag


The Outdoor Games chosen for this pack, are all activities to have great fun and keep the kids away from screens, practice skills of interacting with others and being a team player. The best Backyard games ever, hottest toys for Christmas 2019

Outdoor Kids Games Ring Toss

Great Fun Outdoor Gsmes Day

TREAT YOUR FAMILY and have awesome Birthday celebrations with a great value pack of games that can be used over and over for years.


Your Next BBQ or Gathering of Loved Ones, Friends Family and all the Kids, wouldn’t be the same without these Awesome Lawn Games.

PERFECT as Birthday Party Games For Kids. Amazing fun 4 in 1 game set that will be the highlight of your kids party.

4 Relay Yard Games that can be played all at the same time as a relay race. Start with the Super tough Nylon Not Burlap racing sacks and have the egg and spoon race game team ready to go on the other side. Then as they finish get the first team out of the sac race bags and into the three legged race bands to finish the relay race.

Potato Sack Race Bags

Potato Sack Race Bags for Adults?? Yes absolutely!

They are made just the right size so they are great for kids from 5 up to the tallest adult. The handles on the bags make it super easy for Adults and kids alike to grab onto. Adult Party Games, Kids party games or just uard games and outdoor activities for kids and family.

Egg Relay Game

Egg Relay Game, is not just a fun game but amazing at teaching kids patience, hand eye coordination and teamwork. So they are not even aware they are gaining skills while having fun with this great Outdoor Race day relay set of Outdoor games.

Horseshoes Game Set

Horseshoes Game Set is great for hand eye coordination and great to help kids understand distance tossing and have a ball at the same time. The horseshoes game has solid plastic shoes so good to toss even on windy days.

3 Legged Race Bands

3 Legged Race Bands are another way to teach kids coordination and teamwork. Made from tough nylon and internal elastic bands to stretch from the little legs to the big adult legs.

GREAT FUN for Christmas day family fun, holidays at the beach, fun in the backyard or park and for any social gathering like Birthday Parties, social events of just a BBQ get together with friends.

TREAT YOUR FAMILY and have awesome Birthday celebrations with a great value pack of games that can be used over and over for years. By Far The Best Way To Keep Adults And Children Giggling And Laughing All Day.