12 Pack Carpet Spot Markers


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  • CARPET SPOT MARKERS x 12 round colored circles. 5” diameter and 2 of each in 6 different colors. Brightly colored for EASY VISIBILITY and great COLOR LEARNING SKILLS
  • 100% Nylon, VERY TOUGH hooked circle pad that stick very well to most carpets. These spot markits won’t damage the carpet when removed. Ideal for kids parties and can be used OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
  • PERFECT in classrooms for KIDS TO SIT AT FOR RETURN DOTS, GYM agility or circuit training, YOGA stations, EXERCISE DRILLS, CLASSROOM FLOOR MARKER OR anything where people need to return to the same sitting dot as they came from.
  • Spots can be used for activity games, write numbers on them for HOPSCOTCH, agility play GAMES, Autism and motor therapy skills.…. ETC
  • Hours of FUN during SCHOOL HOLIDAYS AND WEEKENDS and easy to take to a friend’s place to play or to school. Replaces rocker scoop seats. NOTE.!! Does NOT stick to open pile or shag pile carpet only loop pile carpet. NONE of them do!!